Richard Hudson

Richard Hudson - Guitarist and Vocalist

Richard Hudson is a guitarist and vocalist.  Having grown up in rural Oklahoma, his love for music was discovered at an early age. His mother taught him three chords on the guitar and he began singing and accompanying himself in church. A lot of his play time was spent imitating Grand Ole Opry stars like Hank Williams, Chet Atkins, and others. He played baseball, basketball and ran track all the way through high school, but his first love was always music. When Elvis came on the music scene, that just seemed to make the desire to make music that much greater, and then the twangy guitar sounds of Duane Eddy as well as the surfy sounds of The Ventures caused Richard to want to broaden his musical horizons.  Those were the formative years.  Even today Richard's music will have a distinct flavoring from the 50's and early 60's. His stylings are all his own, but the influence of his heroes is definitely there.  When he plays finger style, you will be reminded of Chet.  When he twangs, you will think of Duane Eddy.  And so it goes, but the bottom line is that he is a musician that can stand on stage by himself, with his guitar and voice, and provide his audience with what he hopes will be a time of enjoyable entertainment. That's what he does.