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A Follow Up On Exercise

A few days ago I posted a blog on the importance of daily exercise and diet.  I want to follow up on that entry with some safety tips for those of us who walk or run on public streets.

First you might ask, "What's a guitar picker doing giving me advice on diet and exercise?"  Well, as I mentioned in my previous blog entry, I am not a professional trainer nor am I a professional nutritionist.  I am just passing on some tips that have worked for me.  I am going into my 8th decade on God's green earth and I still work every day and I am never sick.  Most of my friends that are my age take a handful of pills every morning and get sick every time the weather changes.  I give praise to my Creator for granting me good health and the desire to want to maintain it.

As I mentioned before, I walk 2 miles briskly every morning, unless the temperature is below 20F or if precipitation is falling or if there is ice on the ground.  I walk on public streets around my neighborhood.  It is vitally important to understand a few things about how to be safe when you are walking on public streets, especially before or after daylight.  

Number one rule is always wear light colored clothing.  Something with reflective material in it is even better.  Even shoes with reflective material sewn in them.  If you wear dark colored clothing, it makes it hard for anyone to see you.

Number two rule is always walk facing the traffic, and get as far as you can over next to the curb.  Again, you want to make it easy for motorists to see you and also for you to be able to watch motorists so that you can take evasive action if necessary.  And, believe me, sometimes it is necessary.  Remember almost everyone has a cell phone nowadays and very often they are occupied texting or talking on the phone.  They may not even see you, so you must watch out for yourself.  

Number three rule is be courteous to the motorists.  Never step out in front of a motorist just because you have the right of way.  If they don't see you or just don't yield for you, you are just as dead, right or wrong.  Don't ever take that chance.  You lose.  When they do offer you the right to pass, smile and mouth a thank you or a wave/salute.  Remember the streets and highways were made for motorists, not pedestrians.  So, in essence, we are guests on their territory.

Number four rule is don't ever wear headphones or earbuds so that you can listen to music while you walk or run.  You must be able to hear everything going on around you.  I understand that listening to music helps break the monotony, but it is extremely dangerous.  Remember your life and safety have to be your number one priority.

Those are the main points.  Remember to always dress appropriately.  Wear head and ear covering when the temps are cold.  Wear comfortable shoes.  Take care of your feet.  Don't get blisters, and if you do, take care of them immediately so that you don't get an infection.  Even miss walking, if you must, until it heals.

Another important thing to do is to stretch before you walk or run.  Stretch your legs and back.  Do a couple of side twists and touch your toes a couple of times.  When you return from your walk or run, remember to stretch again.  It is just as important to stretch in the cool down phase as it is to stretch to warm up.  You will not experience soreness like you will if you don't stretch, both before and after.

My best to you in trying to maintain your health.  Remember to drink plenty of water, eat sensibly and exercise every day.  Keep a smile on your face and go out to meet the world with a good positive attitude.

God bless you.



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