Richard Hudson

If At First You Don't Succeed...

How many times have you ever tried something new, or tried to turn over a new leaf, so to speak, or decided it was time that some changes were to be made? Then immediately when you start the new endeavor it seems that it is all blowing up in your face. Well, don't feel lonesome, because we all have experienced that. As a matter of fact, it is happening to me this week. I have been practicing a new routine for a couple of weeks on a dry run basis. In other words nothing involved except going through the motions to see if it would work. After a couple of weeks of dry run, and some fairly good success, I decided it was time to go live with it this week, and guess what? Right. It ain't going so well so far.

Maybe you were trying for a promotion on your job, and you spent a lot of time and effort in preparing yourself for that promotion only to find out that you had been passed over for someone else, or maybe the position was no longer available. So, is it time to quit trying to better yourself? No, of course not, because even if you didn't get the job you were trying for, look how much better prepared you are to do your present job, and, the better you do, someone is going to notice. Maybe you have lost your job. You are unemployed. You spend hours preparing yourself for the interview for that perfect job that fits you in every way, only to be disappointed when you find out the job went to someone else. Should you just give up and quit trying? After all, that job was perfect for me and if I didn't get that one, there's no hope. No! That's not in my DNA. Never quit trying, and never quit preparing yourself for something better. That big rock doesn't go to pieces the first time you strike it with the hammer, but you weakened it, and if you keep striking eventually it is going to crumble. Life is that way. Every thing does not go the way we would like, but we still keep trying, and we still keep trying to do better. Even if it seems hopeless, it is not. As long as you have a heart beat, and there is still breath, there is still hope. DON'T EVER GIVE UP!

So, back to my little project. Even though things haven't gone as I hoped they would thus far in my new venture, I am not giving up. I know it will work, and I have a plan. I will keep working that plan even though there are setbacks, because I know it will work. Go, and do thou likewise.

Some simple advice that my Dad gave me was that no matter what you do, do your best. Blessings to you folks. My prayers for your good success.



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