Richard Hudson

My Friend, Jerry Taylor

My life has been blessed in many ways.  One of those ways is that I have been privileged to become acquainted with some of the very finest people on earth.  Every so often, there will be a special connection with one of those new acquaintances and we become friends, almost instantly.  That was the case when I met Jerry Taylor a few years back.  I was leading song services and singing specials in our little church, and one night I noticed a couple that I had never seen before came in and sit near the back, in the middle section.  I noticed right away how the man seemed to take a special interest in my guitar playing and I could feel his genuine smile of appreciation.  Funny how there is a difference in a smile, and a genuine smile.  His wife sat quietly by his side, and after the service was over, they both came up and introduced themselves as I was putting away my gear.  He told me his name was Jerry Taylor, and he also introduced me to his wife, Shirley.  He told me that he played guitar, but hadn't played as much lately because his health was declining.  Time went on and we became better acquainted and somewhere along the way I met Shirley's son, Michael and his wife Trish.  I then found out that I had known Trish's dad for a long time, as we had worked together in the past.  I could go on and on, but I'll try to bring this to a conclusion.  Jerry's health continued to decline until it was serious.  Jerry was a veteran, and was eventually hospitalized in the Veterans Center.  Now, for some regrets.  You know how life is busy and it seems that we can never find time to do all of those little things that we want to do.  Well, such was the case here.  I kept thinking that I wanted to go by the Veteran's Center and visit with Jerry, but something would always get in the way, and I am ashamed to say very regretfully that I never got by to visit him.  Well, today I saw the sad news that my friend, Jerry had passed away.  Jerry deserved better from me.  I know he would have done better by me, had the roles been reversed.  So, please don't put off those little things that you know you should do.  It is the little things that mean so much.  I know Jerry knew how much I respected him and appreciated his friendship, but I should have found the time to go see him. My prayers and best wishes to Shirley and family.  Jerry Taylor was a good guy.  Thank you, Jerry, for serving our country, and thank you for being my friend.




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