Richard Hudson

Remembering Mama

I've always been a little more reluctant than others to stay busy. Some call that lazy, but what do they know? I remember when I was little, Daddy would come by my bed a couple of times, and say, "Rich, it's time to get up." That usually didn't do it, but when Mama would say, "Breakfast is ready!" Man, out of that bed I would come. Always hot homemade biscuits, and your imagination could just run away with you from there.

I know lots of folks claim to have the best Mama in the world, and that's only natural, but I don't see how my sweet Mama could have been any better. She was just a country girl that got married as a teenager, and started having babies right away. She loved to sing and play guitar. Her only mission in life was to take care of my Dad, along with me and my brother. And, I'm sitting here thinking, I took all of that for granted.

So, if your Mom is still walking on this earth, just know that you are among the privileged. Don't take her for granted. She will be too soon old, and someday just a distant memory. Place your Mom on a pedestal. She deserves it.


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