Richard Hudson

The Rev Dr Martin Luther King jr

I have heard a lot of great speakers in my day, but never one so inspirational as the Rev Dr Martin Luther King jr. I was in my very early twenties when Dr King's quest for equality among the races was gaining momentum. I remember watching the news the day he made his famous, "I Have A Dream" speech from the Washington Mall. I remember having goose bumps that day, and again even today when I think about it.

Conchieta and I were talking earlier today, and both of us remember seeing water fountains marked "Colored Only," and rest rooms would be marked "Colored Only." In my few times to be in a big city, I remember seeing entrances to hotels and restaurants in the alleys marked "Colored Entrance." How could we ever, as a society, ever have been so narrow minded in our thinking? I remember when I was going to a little country school in south Seminole County. At Vamoosa there were no African Americans in our school. Actually none lived in our district, but close by there were African American school kids that would get on a bus every day for the trip to Seminole, some 20 miles away, and back every day for school. I remember as a young boy being puzzled by that, and I asked about it and was told that is where their school is. Well, it didn't make sense to me then, and I am appalled thinking about it now.

We have come a long way from then, but there are still some of those ingrained prejudices. None of us, black or white, should ever teach our kids to hate someone whose skin is a different color than ours. We have the opportunity to perfect what has been started and have the greatest society in the history of the world. We will never get there until we can lay our prejudices down and work together for the betterment of mankind.

We should all be inspired to reach for Dr King's dream.


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