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Tips For Seasoned Citizens

At this phase of my life I am becoming more aware of the importance of staying healthy.  Mind you, I said, "staying healthy."  Now let me say up front that I am not a medical professional nor a nutritionist, but I just know what has worked for me to maintain my quality of life, so I thought I would share some ideas with you.  If it helps, then we are both the better for it.  The things I will share are personal for me and may or may not work for you, so here goes.


I believe in Almighty God.  I believe He created the Heavens and the Earth from nothing.  I also believe He created Man and everything that inhabits the earth.  In other words, I believe everything we can see and also things not seen was created by Him.  I am a Christian, which means that I believe that Jesus Christ was born of a virgin.  I believe He lived on this earth as a man for just over 30 years.  I believe He felt pain and gladness just as we do.  I believe He felt temptation the same way we do.  I believe that He died on a cross for the sins of the world, including mine, and I believe He was resurrected the third day.  I believe He ascended back into heaven after promising that He was going to prepare a place for us, so that we could some day dwell with Him forever in that place.

I try to live my life as nearly as I can according to His teachings.  Being called a Christian does not mean that I am perfect.  I am human, and from time to time I make mistakes, but it is never because of His shortcomings. It is because I am a flawed human and I am not strong enough on my own to live a life of perfection.  I start my day, every day, with prayer and time alone with Him.  I am always careful to thank Him for everything and ask Him to guide me in everything I do.  FORM THE HABIT OF PRAYING DAILY BEFORE YOU BEGIN YOUR REGULAR ACTIVITIES.

Physical exercise is vitally important to your physical well being.  As soon as I get out of bed in the morning, I dress and go for a 2 mile brisk walk.  By brisk I mean 4 mph, or 30 minutes for 2 miles.  Barring inclement weather, I do this every day.  If it is 20F or above, I walk.  Dress appropriately.  As soon as I return from my walk, I go directly to my back yard and do a half dozen or so army PT exercises.  I do 12 repetitions of each.  My daily dozen.  That includes a side twister, bend and reach, squats, pushups, ab crunches and others.  Then it is time for a cup of coffee and 30 minutes or so of quiet time.  FORM THE HABIT OF EXERCISING DAILY.

Nutrition is vitally important also.  I am not qualified to lay out a diet for you to follow, however I believe that in order to stay healthy it is important to watch what you eat.  Common sense is the rule.  Sensible portions.  Stay away from processed foods.  No artificial sweeteners.  Never eat white bread.  Cut out sugar and sweets as much as possible.  Don't add salt to what you eat.  Eat a lot of green veggies.  Veggies of all colors actually, but especially green, like collard greens, spinach, mustard greens, asparagus (yuk), broccolli, etc.  Never use margarine.  Butter instead. Carbonated soft drinks are not good for you.  Especially diet drinks (artificial sweeteners).  Try to limit to one cup of coffee per day. DRINK LOTS OF WATER.  Stay away from bottled water.  There are added chemicals.  Filtered water, if it is available to you or just plain tap water.  How much water?  A good rule of thumb is to divide your weight by 2, and drink that many ounces every day.  In other words, if you weigh 200, drink 100 ounces of water.  It is not as hard as you might think, if you will have water available throughout the day and just drink it as you work or do your activities.  You will go to the bathroom a lot, believe me, but that's just part of it.  It helps to flush all of the bad stuff out of your body.  I once heard it said to eat breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince and Dinner like a pauper.  Stay away from fast foods, carry out foods and the like.  Eat sensible portions, drink water and get plenty of sleep.  EXERCISE DAILY, SPEND QUIET TIME, EAT SENSIBLY AND GET PLENTY OF SLEEP.

I have never taken a flu shot except when I was in the army and forced to take one.  I don't ever get the flu either.  A good positive attitude is some of the best preventative medicine you can have, and it's a lot cheaper.  Just think how much money you can save if you never get sick.  Doctors and hospitals are outrageously expensive.  Medical bills can and will ruin you, so take care of your body.  Keep a good attitude.  Instead of giving in to that feeling that you are going to be sick, put up your resistance, stay busy and you would be surprised at how easy it is to fend off most colds, etc.  You are what you think you are.  Your attitude is your altitude.  Stay positive, stay busy and rise above it all.

Now, do I practice what I preach?  For the most part, yes, I do.  However I am about 20 pounds overweight and I am struggling to get it down to where it should be.  I am an active person and I do have a hearty appetite and Conchieta is an excellent cook, so it is a battle, but we are trying.

In summary, let me say this.  Stay happy.  Have a good positive outlook on life.  Exercise daily.  Spend some quiet time every morning.  That is also a good time to pray.  Eat sensibly with lots of green veggies, no sweets, added salt or processed foods.  Drink plenty of water.  Stay active every day and get plenty of sleep.  Try to live every day as if it will be your last, but plan to live forever.  Don't ever give up and think you are too old.  Methuselah lived to 965 years, so none of us are old.

Thank God everyday for life.  My best to you all.



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