Richard Hudson

Toad In The Hole?

Conchieta been watching the Pioneer Woman on TV, and she tried out one of her creations this morning. Where she takes a slice of bread, cuts a biscuit sized hole out of the middle, toasts the bread with a fried egg in the hole. I was going to take a picture to show you, but it just looked so good when she brought it to me that the evidence was quickly gone, along with a slice of a bone in dry ham that we cooked again with a brown sugar/pineapple mix a couple of days ago. We'll probably do that again, soon.

And the holes out of the middle of the bread? Well, they got toasted also, and maple syrup? Yeah, it was good. I should have dabbed a little bit of crunchy p-nut butter on top. I'll do that next time when I'm not in such a hurry.

Are you still wondering why I can't get back down to my fighting weight?


Now, it's time for my 3rd cup.


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