Richard Hudson

Down Home Classics - A mixture of country, blues, old time rock and roll and Chet.

This album is a mixture of styles of traditional country, to a little bit of blues, along with a little bit of old time rock and roll and surf, and of course a good sampling of Chet style guitar.  There are several different guitars used in the making of this album.  A hand made Travis acoustic, Gretsch G6122-1959, which is the reissue of Chet's favorite Gretsch '59 Country Gentleman, A G&L Legacy, Gibson Chet Atkins CE electric nylon string and a G&L Tribute bass.  Richard, of course, on all guitars with Dennis Evers on keyboards and Richard's son, Sean, on drums.  Starting with Chet's Chaplin In New Shoes to Johnny Cash's I Still Miss Someone, on to Eddie Cochran's Summertime Blues to Hank Williams' You Win Again and closing out with a Travis/Chet style I'll See You In My Dreams.  And, all points in between.  If you like a little variety, then this is the one.